Finding your Truth

Emboldened, emblazoned, and written in my heart are the words of Mankind’s Alternate Remote Consciousness – MARC

Here we are to find the words of TRUTH. Divinely inspired words that spring from this consciousness. Not devoid of Angelic voices, but rather enhancing those that speak through us. We gather to give insight into what is to be the future of mankind. There is already evidence of those Universes that exist far beyond what you know here on earth. Far beyond that which you have imagined. What folly to think a Supreme Being could create – would create – Earth, and STOP??? There would be an infinite number of possibilities that are yet to be found (?) really? Found? Or perhaps recognized. Recognized as a likelihood and not a probability. Recognized as an extension of this God/Source/Universe and not an either/or capacity for being.
As we continue to make the consciousness of mankind more attuned to the frequencies needed for advancement, further discoveries will be made (?) No – recognized. Perhaps we are not so bound by what can be comprehended as we are by our need to KNOW. The need to know is definable. It is within dimensions of understanding as opposed to the openness of possibility that is the greater of these two.

The laws of physics are said to be definable by only one human dimensional standard. When in reality the infinite exists and serves the greater good of both human existence as well as the existence of other worlds filled with an equal and/or greater level of compassion, understanding, wisdom and care. The comfort of this is that we have no reason to fear what lies ahead for any one or all of us who imbue this earthly plane. For one day will be seen not only a centrist movement of one world toward another but also a combined center to many worlds as they are finally made known to us.

The earthly mind is a lower mind of thought, limiting in possibility and in understanding, but capable of expansion once fully awakened. The need to go into detail regarding the specifics of a situation will give way to broader understanding and greater acceptance of an entire Galactic Universal System and this will be seen in the years ahead. Known by your progeny and accepted by those of your heart.

Stand in solidarity. Stand alone in solidarity. No need for fear. No need for doubt. No need for a sense of loneliness. Alone is not loneliness. Alone in solidarity is many into one.   E Pluribus Unum — from many, One. This is the truest form of this phrase and is the reason this phrase was used by founding fathers of your nation. There was no conception of its’ truest meaning at that time. But this will arise and be renewed in meaning and understanding. There will be an awakening; a re-awakening to meanings implicit and explicit as the future unfolds.


First message from MARC

We are Mankind’s Alternate Remote Consciousness. We come through to explain there is more beyond what you know. Other Univereses, other Galaxies, all have other souls and soul planes. Not all are able to manage the density of Earth. So for this reason only a handful come here. Earth offers a fun place to experience life and gives many and varied sequences to learning.

We come through Sheila as channel because she does not hold on to things. She is a clear channel – a pure channel that allows our words to flow. We come to let earth know of how important it is to truly stay within the expectations of what you came to do. Now more than ever the earth is spinning faster and moving forward to a higher vibration. No time to mess around! Do not be left behind to work out this earthly game. You all do play a game. You are in a play and your costumes or armor keeps you defined within it. Please look beyond the physical; reach out to the Veil of Truth and make this your own. Reality is only limited by your lack of vision, your lack of imagination and your lack of development as a soul.

All for now.


Promises of Rainbows

With so much water everywhere in the lower half of the US right now, we still find it is at a premium.

In a small southeastern town that may be on the trajectory of Irma’s fury, locals tell of “water hoarding” where the local Walmart has been the scene of the every man for himself attitude when it comes to bottled water. So is that preparedness by a bunch of middle aged boy scouts or is it irrational fear from a rational but possible threat?!

People can choose to allow their fears to take the lead and even if you have rain in the forecast and you know that you may get wet (though it will be nowhere near the stress and pressure of the aftermath of a hurricane), there really is no need to feel the fear nor step into it with fervor.  As a community, as a nation we can also choose to watch out for the others who might have more on their proverbial plate than we do for the time being….a Rainbow’s promise! So just a gentle reminder out there to watch for promises of Rainbows when we need some help for ourselves!


Musings from MARC

I have been channeling for a number of years now.  Mostly Archangels come through to offer words of wisdom.  Divine Mother also has come through to provide a gentle side to how we view things in this world we find ourselves together in.

But about 6 months ago,  a collective began to channel through me  as well.  They call themselves Mankind’s Alternate Remote Consciousness.  MARC for short.  They have been very patient with me as I have become accustomed to their presence.  They come in a bit differently than the Archangels do.  I find them very interesting, very much to the point in their delivery, and with a great sense of humor.  Sometimes they feel abrupt by comparison to what I am used to but that is their style and so I am getting more comfortable with their forthright presentations.

If you are wondering what a “collective” is, I can best describe it as a group of souls who have lived their lives on earth, found their purpose and mission here and followed it through to fruition.  They have many different ways of experiencing things and expressing things but have agreed to come through as one voice.  This gives the rest of us the advantage of the group’s experience but without so many voices to listen to.

At the current time, MARC is presenting me with prayers and meditations with which to lead groups gathered to hear what they have to say. I will be presenting their ideas and ideals as they present their advice for those of us incarnated souls.  Hopefully we will be able to learn more about how to do what we do.  How to live as we should and how to interpret what the heck is going on in this world we have chosen to enter together!

With that, I will leave you hopefully interested enough to return and find out what Musings will be forthcoming from MARC!


The beauty of transitions

  • We all have reasons for why we take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and share a part of ourselves.  They vary greatly and mirror our place in life at the moment.  And so we use this to share our joy and our pain, to unleash the upset or the happiness within, or sometimes to find out what and how we are really feeling.  And we don’t find out until we read our words, hear them in our mind’s ear to know, to understand the depth of feelings we carry for this moment in time.

I am the last one–I write to find out how I really feel.  And today has been one of those down-ish days.  You know……like day 3 of a cold.  All the symptoms hit you at once and you just want to release them.  Truthfully, though, I am on day four.  Someone who played an integral part in my life if only for a few short years, has transitioned.  She has moved on to a new space.  I am sure it is a softer spot on which to rest and she is without pain.  That is the best part.

I am sad.  I am not woeful. I just won’t be able to go have coffee when I visit in the town I moved from.  But we can still share the presence of self.  We can still share the energy of the Soul.  And for this I rejoice.  Deanne taught me a lot of things about myself without even saying a word.  She was able to live in her own energetic space and revel in her prayer and in her meditation.  In the past 9 months she was no longer able to do her work the way she wanted to.  She was in a lot of pain.  But she wouldn’t admit it.  Though some days she would talk to me about it.  And that is how I knew her pain.  Shared it within my own pain. Without complaint.  Just a recognition and an acknowledgment that some days were better than others.

And so now with transitions of all types going on at many levels, we see that some transitions bring change, some transitions bring us where we did not want to be, but some transitions bring us home again.  And that is the beauty of it all.